Chase in Reverse

I can’t move forward
Cause I’m too busy chasing a dream
A dream that started off as you v.s me
Then it turned into me v.s you.
I can’t seem to remember when this marathon reversed.
If I got it correctly I can pretty much say that the vibes you throw is very well rehearsed.
it’s got me really feeling the thirst.
The hunger..the invest my precious time in you.
Better yet rewind back the clock
When I had your undivided attention,
When you saw the naked me,
The raw unedited me,
When you seen me worth being something to strive for?
But now I’m just the one left standing at this door.
Hoping, praying, that you somehow accept the deprived, detriment me.
And revive me into the woman that I should be, could be ,would be,….
If somehow I could get you to see…


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