Topic Tuesday

Hey you guys! I have really been trying to be more consistent with putting work out and writing new things and trying to explore different creative techniques. But unfortunately I won’t be posting that but I will be posting something more personal. Recently a very inspiring strong intelligent woman that was once my supervisor gotten killed from a horrible situation, a lot of people don’t speak about domestic violence ,but it’s very real men and women are dieing from it because they can’t walk away and stay away. So I have a piece of work I love called Black Roses and it’s a piece I wrote it back in 2010 or 2011. I will also post my newest edition dedicated to the wonderful inspiring woman that I got to meet that listened to me cry in her office every other day bout meeting my numbers and some other personal issues Melinda Seawright. So I hope you all enjoy and I hope that Black Roses helps someone move on and stay moved on from a terrible situation like domestic violence. So here you all go Black Roses.


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