A black rose folded up in a letter and sealed with a kiss,

describing a love that kills like this:

Putting bruises on your heart and piercing your soul,

Always in confrontations that end so cold.

Til death due us part, that’s what this is, that makes me stick around how I do?

That makes me love you this much boo?

Which leads to the cursing and fussing,punches to the face, several stabs to the back, and words that can’t be erased.

Black eyes, busted lips, broken nose,

Oh there goes another black rose.

Sweet apologetic kisses, tears being shed, asses against the wall while you’re pulling my hair.

The sounds of love echoing through the air.

Is this love, oh is this love? Yes, cause I’ll love you til death due us part.

I’ll ride, I’ll put aside my pride and I’ll give you my life.

But more pain and deceiving comes from this.

You sleep with bitch after bitch, then anger spills out.

Broken jaws, shattered knuckles, and more tears of pain.

There goes another black rose,

This time after making this painful love you said you’ll never put your hand on me again.

Knowing it’s another lie, still I stick around til death due us part.

Another drunken night and you come home,

And somehow you lose control.

I wind up paying the price, laying in a puddle of blood beside me lies a black rose, because I would always love you til death due us part.

As I hear the sirens ringing. It all seems to be more clear,

They put you in a cage for 5 to 10,

Hoping that would be enough for this to end

On one grey cloudy day, the mail comes falling in the door,

Sliding on the floor lies a bloody red-letter attached with a black rose and sealed with a kiss,

Explaining how this deadly love should not have ended like this,

Because in the end we would love each other til death due us part,

And that’s why there lies a black rose on my broken heart.


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