Own parade

Fuck paying a bill I’m trying to live,
Soaring high, my soul reside where airplanes fly.
My eyes glissin like those Atlanta nights.
My spirit tumble just like those Miami waves
While my heart thumps like those new Orleans parades.
I wanna walk to my own drummer and jump as high as my trampoline spines will allow.
Cause I know I’m worth more than a 9 to 5 to live.
I’m worth more than this electric, gas, water, and phone bill.
Decreasing my expenses and calculating how the fuck can I live.
Cause my debt is as wide as Texas.
My money is shorter than the Gulf of Mexico.
While my aspirations go beyond 10 universes and back.
Can someone please please please tell me how much I need to pay so I can get my life back!


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