5 Years Incarcerated (response)by : Lazar Barclay

Five years incarcerated,

all the stories like you would have really waited.

You say waiting on me you couldn’t live,

but all I asked was for you to keep it real tell me how you feel

I know you wasn’t as lonely as me

I was stuck in a cell locked down til 23

no high school , I felt so dumb,

no football games, pep rallies, and no prom, I felt numb.

I went from a letter a day to hoping they a bring a letter to my bay,

while you was picking out prom dresses

I’m checking all my letters and addresses

but it’s not your fault you didn’t get incarcerated

you just did you while you waited

but see not that’s still playing a part

cause that little new start has made away to your heart

and now what was in the dark has come to the light

I know it ain’t right you know it ain’t right

but you still fucking do it!!

Them 5 years incarcerated has put me through it,

but I forgive you

I hope you forgive me

since my five years incarcerated its felt like its been eternity.


4 thoughts on “5 Years Incarcerated (response)by : Lazar Barclay

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    1. situations like this always suck for both parties. its a lot of elements that go out the window and a lot of secrets that start to be created that tears a beautiful thing apart when situations like this happen.

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