5 years incarcerated and 3 years  of freedom,

you would have thought you would know what you’re living for.

One minute its making up for time missed, football games, proms, all the childish things.

But what about the time spent?

Is that not worth an ounce of attention.

What about the future we spent nights contemplating?

Is that not worth achieving.

3 years of freedom you still haven’t realized who you’re living for.

All the homies, late drunken nights, forgetting about the ones you could count on no matter the price.

Forgetting about my struggles and sacrifices to make those long lonely car rides,

forgetting the one who wiped your tears forced you to do the lawful thing to move on with your life,

but you still don’t know what you’re living for.

Not even that little girl we conceived could convince you that a life with me is where you should be.

Losing yourself in these streets and hood misery got you dimming your light.

If only you could rewind 3 years back

and remember what you were living for,

you could see me, waiting on the man you promised me you would be.


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