It just wasn’t enough…
Pussy popping, dropping it low to the floor
Wasn’t enough for you to keep me in mind.
Late nights spend spreading these luxurious legs for you to captivate the loneliness I held inside.
Even those hot line calls that lead to those miraculous dickie rides..
Just couldn’t be enough,
For us to build a future that embraces more than lustful erect nights.
My treasures and your jewels produced beautifulΒ  copulation,
While fabricating the gospel that this could be reconstructed into a passionate intimacy that we both mourn for.
That somehow weΒ  transform into desperate lovers that just yearns to manifest happiness and exhilaration…
In one another.
But those nights of you getting into my mental and opening up the broken fragments of me, while you seemingly remain opaque of your intense phobias that somehow allows you to vehemently ascend into me….
Just wasn’t enough…


5 thoughts on “JUST WAS’T ENOUGH

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  1. Yo…. Did you just say late night dickie rides? Sorry… How childish of me to say that and laugh later. Anyway wow! Some people are just to fucked up to be in realations of any kind but its up to us to see through there bullshit lies and sob story dog an pony act just to get what they want when they want it. Idk…. Maybe I’m rong? I’m not that smart! Lol! Great post cam cam… And by the way love the name! my youngest brothers name is Cameron and he’s smart as Fuck unlike me…. Lol..


    1. LOL…no its not childish cause I laugh when I wrote it and I mean you’re right in a sense, but we also can’t fall victim to our own assumptions that another person may want what we want when they show all the signs that they don’t want it …and I think you’re very smart with a very unique point of view and thanks its a nick name most ppl think my real name is hard to pronounce ..lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahaha! DICKIE! Hahahaha!

        Ok ok I’m done…. And in a certain sence that’s why I’ll forever remain single… In a sense…

        Well maybe my reason is different because I only like whores… And not these new whores but the old ones with the same old tricks… You know… Wake up and all your furniture is gone and your kidney… But your wallet is still there with your money and EBT card… Those type of whores… Life’s great!

        You name is hard to pronounce? Well it’s still probably different and Kool like you shorty…. Keep writing! And your new Nick name from me is miss unique… Hope you like itπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

        If you dont like it feel free to leave all your mean and wild comments in my email box comment box or whatever makes you comfortable Unique…πŸ˜›βœŒ lol…


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