My only one regret is that I let her call you daddy,

That I brought a no good nigga into her life

and corrupted her vision of what a man is suppose to be.

Got her thinking this how a father suppose to be.

I regret I put the false image of someone saying they ready dictate whether

or not if they were good enough to play a significant position, 

and vow to oaths I can’t keep like lie to her to feed his deadbeat ego,

or go to war with who knows best just cause I want him to be active more..

when the truth is he will never know what it feels to have his baby love a nigga ,that’s to childish and arrogant to their own bullshit,

that will never love them more than his hood or himself.

That he will never know how it feels to have accepted another deadbeat who just don’t care to be there,

and to allow the mother of his child give such a precious role away and create a false bond that you would think they would share for more than eternity..

I regret the day I let you walk into her life 6 months into the womb

and momma told me it was too soon ,and change that light bulb cause you see the wrong light..

never thought I was scared to be a single parent cause I knew my kid was gonna be iight,

but I do know I’m scared of my angel finding another man just like you cause I gave her the image that it was ok too.

And you wasn’t even man enough to do better…

Better for her.


6 thoughts on “Deadbeat

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  1. I honestly wish it was a crime to be a fucking dead beat dad…. I remember taking care of all Three of my ex girl friends children… That shit honestly did something to me… I rased those two girls and one boy from elementary school to young adults… I just couldn’t imagine why her two baby fathers did nothing or wouldn’t even see there children… There greatest creations…. I cried when I had to brake up with my ex… Not because of her but becuse of the kids… They were like my own kids…

    I don’t care how unreasonable she was I still took care of her and her kids for 7 whole years and I new her for 10. because I loved them….

    Till this day they still call me dad… But I will never have contact with my ex…. But the kids can have my advise and enything they ask for from me… Sorry for runnin my yappaz to much but all these dead beet fuck niggas should get the death penalty from being open hand slapped to death by me….

    And I stand by my word!
    Have a great day miss unique…


    1. I understand your rant I mean that’s a fucked up situation. I amend you for not coming in the picture being another deadbeat. people don’t realize what they sign up for when creating or asking to be in a childs life…everyone wanna make excuse of why they cant do something instead of putting they best foot forward towards that little king or queen instead they worried bout they mixtape popping and them fake ass friends they got.

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      1. Or going club hopping all the time instead of hopping into there responsibilities…. Omg what the fuck is this world comming to… Look I’m no saint and I’ve done a lot of horrible things in my life to survive and feed the loved ones I have left but I could never abandon my child like I was abandoned… That shit hurts…. And changes them… They really are the future…

        Not to mention some people wish they fucking have there own kids…
        Fuck a mixtape…. What the fuck is rong with these dummies….

        I’m sorry I’m just going to leave this alone but someday if I ever have my own kids I’m going to be the best dad ever in life and spoil them with love and knowledge…
        .that’s all I’ll say….

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