I use to be so in love,
That I forgot to love myself,
I neglected me for everyone else,
And when she needed love I just watched as she wept out.
I use to be so in love,
I endured the pain of letting her lonesome heart whether out storms and fires that we didn’t even know had started,
I feed everyone else and left myself starving,
I was so in love.
I was so in love,
with entities that hated me,
that saw me dying a death from loving it,
and just let me bury me 6 ft.
Didn’t think twice about it,
When it was time to patch my wounds all it ever did was
snatch the knife out of my chest and stabbed me 6 more times and laid my heart to rest.
I wouldn’t doubt it,
that much damage could come from a man,
but not only that it came from my so-called friends.
The ones that suppose to ride or die till the very end,
the same ones that will tell
everyone and they momma we’re best friends,
are the same ones to come fuck up my dividends ,
sit back and watch my relationship fall,
then turn around and gossip about how dumb and stupid I am for loving a nigga with a broad I don’t even fuck with.
Same ones that sit with me twisted and violate me without
my consent nor permission.
Let them tell it they caught amnesia while describing how I got lit.
Now ain’t that some fuck nigga shit.
Brings me back to the fact,
I confided in the one that was supposed to love me back
and he go to club and meet a bitch out back,
whileΒ I’m miscarriging his seed,
and I’m steady loving these muthafuckas that keep
showing they don’t love me.


5 thoughts on “Captive

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      1. I’ve been there…. It hurts.. I was with some one for 7years and nothing good came out of it. Yes I learned a valuable lesson… STAY SINGLE! Lol…. No but thing will get better unique and you’ll be fine.


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