Unappreciated is such a compelling feeling. Like I maid yo ass,  and in return I get thrown in the dumps.
Like them nights I waited on you hand and foot to make the impossible possible.
Unappreciated to the extent I’m single mothering this shit and you’re just parenting with benefits,
Marveling in my face like that dummy still stays,
Somehow I have one billion reasons that keep me from walking away.
Cause obviously I make unappreciated look so got damn great,
To the point I put my needs to the side and move mountains that’s not even in my path,
Reroute my plans to coexist  in an unappreciated world.
And I guess once you’ve realized I can’t handle no more or I’m close to my breaking point,
You convince yourself that those sorry excuses of compliments makes me want more.
Unappreciated I can’t endure; soon you’ll realize that those one billion reasons for me to stay is the exact same reasons why I’m finally walking away.



23 thoughts on “Unappreciated

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  1. Imprisoned by love… should I stay should I go…. nope! Your feelings Said the hell with that.👍

    I love it…
    I’m not at all telling you to change who you are and how you write at all and you no that.

    But only if you want to… instead if cursing… change the sentence into a medephor if you want to…

    For example. … unappreciated is such a compelling fealing. Like I maid yo ass!

    Haha I love it so much fealing…

    Unappreciated is such a compelling fealing. Yet I traded blows back with you… killing!

    I’m not taking away any thing from you…. but when you think of a film or story… you want your audience to really visualize your point of view…

    Betrayal and heart break… I want to see it through words… emotions and feeling….

    But non the less… it’s fucking great…


    I know your mind wonders so use what’s there sweety! Ya dig!😎✊

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