Momma Knows Best

Momma knows best, momma knows best,

Momma told me that if I made that bed I better lay in it.

Lie, better believe I did that. I lied to give you all the best of me.

And momma hated you for that,

Momma told me that the snakes were lurking in my grass,

Momma told me that me being hard head over hills was going to make my ass soft as grass.

And sometimes that you need to travel alone to make it to your destination,

because everyone isn’t equipped for the ride.

Momma knows best, she knew our road was leading to my destruction;

being desperately in love was only the beginning of my abduction.

She knew that I had a shit load of luggage that I didn’t have the strength to carry aboard.

Momma knew my horizon was too scintillated to be affixed with expendable bullshit,

That the distractions I compressed so dear to my soul was only a hindrance to my providence.

Momma knew me best even when I thought Momma didn’t know me at all,

Momma knows best, Momma was once a young foolish naive me after all.


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