I Surrender

Hey guys here is a little something I’ve been working on with the great help from Chris. He is AWESOME by the way. But here is my first ever duet, so hope y’all enjoy as much as we did creating..




A Duet By: CAM & CHRIS

On the run, we were unbreakable.

We bore the zig-zags of life’s curves.

You were the running back of the show;

your only instructions were to follow my lead.

I’ll guide you there all i asked was for you run it home.

Undivided & united we were supposed to stand

Suddenly I’ve been standing alone,

 stalling & being stagnant for you to return to your throne,

Leaving me guessing that you think you can conquer the world all on your own.

I’ve never mind you being the coach or even the QB.

 I understand that your mind is strong enough to rule over a man like me.

At the exact same time, I got to protect what’s mine, which is YOU!

I feel lately we haven’t been sharing the same views.

The passion has left you running away from me in my own shoes.

 Leaving your beautiful body to wonder off headless.

I’ll never give up my guns for no one, but sometimes you need to let your man call the shots…

Well… if I still am…

I reached for your hand one day and winter stop snowing….

Winter stopped snowing cause in the spring we stopped growing.

All I did was try to switch your hustle turn your

focus into something we could both manifest from.

Instead I compete with streets and guns

Shit is all fun and games till a nigga has to catch one,

and I fought for you a time or 2.

But you still haven’t learnt your lesson,

fighting me instead of the opposition and defeating oppression.

You switched up on me, which side are you really own?

You gunned me down and put a bullet through my womb,

foolishly I buried the evidence thinking you would change,

but the only thing that changed was me baring your last name.

I doubt that even phased you,

Truth be told I’m still riding with you even if the wheels fall off,

don’t get it twisted ill still pull that trigger if you ever get me crossed.

Listen to me bright eyes! Listen, something you seemed to subtract that is making our life divide.

Baby I can’t help how I was raised or what family I was born into.

Violence and dope dealing isn’t something I ever wanted.

You are and will always be a blessing to a thief like me.

I really need you to honor me as the man I am. Not the man I use to be.

I listen to you more than you think. I care for you more than you’ll ever view.

Just remember when you were sick. Who was there every hour to take special care of you.

When you were short on the rent. You didn’t have a problem with how I made my cheese then.

You bare my last name because that’s what a good woman in my life is supposed to do.

Stop acting like the streets is the only thing I want. I WANT YOU!

As I can recall, you weren’t the one in prison fighting gang niggas over commissary.

I did that time for you, for us!

All I ever ask is for you to show me you love me. You just show me I’m ugly.


These bright eyes see the life in you;

 all I want to do is breathe a different life in you

I don’t see you as what you are, a grimy thief in the night.

My words shake you, but my actions have never forsaken you.

I speak existence in your inner king and not the immature thug you present yourself to be.

You hold me like I’m like gravel in your hands, you diminished my value and misapprehended me for a hard rock when I really am diamond in the rough,

Understand I held you down when your pockets got tough; when you went back to finish that bid I swept away your tears.

When I captured the fear in your eyes I was the one that gave you confidence to subjugate and devour your trepidation. If I’m not mistaken I brought out the exquisiteness in you,

the only thing that’s ugly is these ugly truths, we both can’t seem to grasp;

  I know I’ve did my share of dirt and put a mountain of dishonesty in your heart,

I’m trying to get you to bury those memories in the past, because no one can ever perform my part.

None the less, you still belong in my chest, you are my hearts life line;

I’ll die before I see you in a distance…away…

So, I’ll say I love you bright eyes…

 I’ll never let our passion fade from within me, just stand beside me and ride with me,

let’s finish what we started and build this dynasty.


16 thoughts on “I Surrender

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  1. Go head girl. You have true talent . They are definitely getting better as you write . From the first one I read on paper to the blog I’m reading now. I love it . Keep them coming

    Liked by 1 person

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