The ones that cause the most damage are always the ones
who want to victimize.
Act like they’re sheep, their wolf is only in disguise.
Give motherfuckers a new chance at life , but want to turn around stab you with the knife.
Give out the speech on how loyalty goes ,
When you the motherfucker that’s buying shoes and clothes,
making miracles for our family to eat,
meanwhile nigga wanna politic in the streets.
Trying to conquer past demons ,they bringing more demons to defeat.
Wanna express love, when I felt my own seed perish,
watch the blood and it’s tissue run down my caramel thighs.
I sheltered my own tears and 6 years later them same fears became reality again.
Only time I’ve felt alive is when I held that razor to my throat, before another seed die in me, it’s gonna be both our time to go.
Lecture me about best friend shit question me about engagement shit.
Til you’re force to be in these 6 1/2 don’t ever question me about the road I chose,
cause Lord knows if I knew better I would have chosen better, and
That razor would have ended us both.

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