I despise how your pretty brown eyes could ever assimilate that I am beneath you.
The only way we could become this delusional to such conclusion is from the fantasy you have been placed in.
I grant you my graces, cause I’ve been to hell and back.
Been at my lowest, dining with peasants,
I thank God for granting me my sanity back.
You misinterpreted that I want a sequence to what you’ve gain.
Misread me thinking the recent knowledge of you discerns me to any pain.
Underestimating me of queen abilities, when my mind isn’t that shallow, throwing stones at me that I’ve already manage to swallow.
Pillow talking bout what jewels were discovered  between my legs.
Well let’s analyze and emphasize what lies in this head.
I turn agony into blissful pleasures, I elevate minds to shake realms  and break dimensions, and to any god fearing man I’m an exquisite gift.
I don’t subject myself to a queen, cause I’m a divine woman, a goddess manifested from the galaxies.
I’m an asset that’s more profitable than silver, platinum, and gold, I’m the mold of what genuine men prophetize their wife to be.
Humble yourself , cause dismantling my tranquility won’t suffocate the facts
Nothing you’ve gain has made me lack .
I stimulate the greatest of minds, orchestrate the sweetest of deaths, conquer and secure the bag all on my own.
I got work to do I don’t have time to adjust crowns and sit on thrones.
 Focus on empowering, inspiring, and transforming these words into one
of numerous checks,
Not about this dick that dick and who’s in who bed, next.
I find clarity detangling the wonders of my world.
Giving my little girl the means to travel abroad, to assure she is more
prominent than me.
Besides the strength she has given me to be the optimum of my capacity, my heart roams 3 hours away to it’s sacred place.
I see through your cloak you tried to disguise that truth  revealed crushed your pride and that’s why you tried to disarray my character and have me step out of line.
But you can’t mortify me over spilled milk.
You both are  just former masterpieces in my art gallery.
Trying to equate my virtue to how wet your litter box is,
when you need to get back, sit back,  and recognize
The artwork is NEVER substantial than the artistry.

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