Elementary Reflection

Maybe it’s juvenile to reminisce on such a past, and it kind of baffles me how vivid the images and sights seem to appear in my head as it spreads across my mental like a story line. Those big shiny brown eyes. The flutters are still there when I visualize the first time I fell in love with them. Before all the innocence left us and we were both guilty of being naive. The feeling is like getting the first bite of peach cobbler but the only difference is this was my first bite of you. The way you would bite your lip while you walk just to approach me made a me a little hypnotize, cause now I know how it taste to grip your lips ever so softly in between my teeth. My spider-man tangling me in his web of sweetness with no apologies. The unusual thing was I wasn’t that into you, however you were fishing in the pond and reeled me right in and captivated the sacred me that now I keep pure for only you. Being held in your arms were the best most blissful outer body experience I’ve experienced while getting pulled out of my trance from anxious teachers,  you managed to carry me to never-never land, cause somehow, I will never ever be more infatuated with no other human being. It’s weird cause you became my dosage of ecstasy that I’m not trying to escape. Fighting, scratching my way back just for one more hit. Just one more please, one more….





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