Back To Reality (Continuation)

It was beautiful once, until I snap back into reality and realize what we have become. Daily we commit a betrayal to each other’s hearts. I would give it all up to travel back in time to that place where one simple kiss could erase all the sins we committed, but do I really want to give up my superman? Do I really want to lay the crumbles of my heart back on the table to see if we can make things, right? I could never hide my desire for superman because he saved me every chance I gave him, even though I kept returning to the danger. It thrilled me and whenever he was in town and you were away he would turn my lonely nights to midnight specials. A thrill that’s tantalizing to my spine and I tried to cut those tides for you somehow, I kept drowning. It was all I wanted that you could never give, even in elementary you never had enough of it. It was never about smiles and appearances, all that fades. I changed my world for you, I gave you my treasures to behold as your own, and all I asked for was time, like the time they sentenced you and forced you to give 5 years of your life up. All I asked was for you to dedicate 5 years to us and I would take care of the rest, however you rather me drown into time and space, but all that won’t matter when someone else takes your place.


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