Here we go again another duet from me and Chris. I hope you all enjoy.


A duet by : Cam & Chris

My time is our time.
I want to play with my wine and eat you to.
Mid summer heat underneath what’s going to be underneath me or what’s on top.
Do you understand me?
I want every portion,every peace of sensitive lonely.
Places to meet my dominant.
Have you ever been tied up and swollen for more to endure?
Handcuffed by the cop, because I robbed his love.
Devoured it, allowed it to slowly shower the crevices of my forbidden.
Hiding the juices of my passion fruit up above his chin.
Leaving the scent of my estrogen,
So he can inhale me and take me in.
My only sin, I didn’t bless it before I let it slither gravitating in side my throttle.
I promise! I’ll only swallow.
Tunnel muscles get tighter like she was trying to milk a viper for venom.
Turn around again so I can give you my antidote.
Foreplay is over….
it’s time for 50 shades of cobra.
Moaning, pounding lightly controlling.
Name repeated over the bed sheets pulled off by painted nails…
while I keep your back arched like your shooting a bow and arrow.
Never bringing sorrow, but always leaves me frail.
Winter nights surrounded by warmth of your heat.
Flesh cover with nothing but plush snuggies.
Caramel and strawberry paints my lips,
melted chocolate utilized to decorate the silkiness of your erect.
Don’t agonize about vibrations of my inner thighs,
quivering from the massiveness that penetrated my core.
If I could wail for more…
My feminine leaked to assure you it can endure.
When high tides decease,
I reverse your boat back to open seas.
Sailing ,going against gravity’s will,
creating tsunamis to drown you in a ocean of ecstasy.
Soooo good to me, like sweet Florida oranges be.
We left the air time appetizing.
Over riding my hard drive, crashing my server
climaxing derailed by My ocean spray.
Leaving itΒ  on you like You asked me to in satisfactory.
I came to work late finishing later.
Loving every minute of hard labor I put into this cradle.
Lay with me breathing hard in silence In each others privates..
still…. At the very tip of my horizon.
Appreciating the accomplishment honey dripped over
vanilla ice sprinkling into the drive in….
I’m yours…
And you’re mine.
All of that sweet nectar, felt so divine as it sticks to our bodies like glue.
Who ever knew that love could taste…
not to be wasted but cherish every drop.
Made time ceased and sprout multitude of orgasms
that re-winded the clock back to the very beginning,
never ending.
Delighted I indulge every time


Add yours

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