Muzzle Victim

When I envisioned us,

This is not what we were supposed to blossom into,

all the silence has become a demanding pill to swallow.

My mental has exhausted this obscure video till my vigilance is insensible.

Investigating, retracing transparent evidence where everything is ambiguous.

Spiraling, the inebriation is the only clarity on how you made all the vibrations distorted.

Then turned my stocks into premature broken bonds, forcing consumption of concealment.

Blind-folded and handcuffed my consciousness. Snickering your way through the tunnels of my trust.

sealing those raiding lips behind my frozen thighs, deluding my eyes to forsaken me from the mask that was veiled.

Devouring me with the stillness of unspoken words.

Made a mockery of my vulnerability with written apologies that never ended with the intelligibility of my unconscious illusion. Involuntarily submitting to a dominant.Β  Imbibing a poison, I didn’t elect, alluring a lover I didn’t induce,

Foe, the suppressed friend that saw my brittleness in the veins of my blood stream, silently taking advantage of my plastered flesh. Taciturnity is the capsule that I refuse to easily allow you to guzzle; the muzzle I will never consent to wear.


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