Another Try (An Oldie)

So here is an oldie. It took me a few mins to pick cause I find them hilarious!! I’m questioning myself what was I thinking. But I’ll share and hopefully you all can get a good laugh out my immature work as well.


Another Try

When it passed us by we couldn’t go back & catch it.

When we missed out we couldn’t go back & relive it.

The fire died out & I’m just trying to rekindle it.

What happened to the nights that were so romantic.

Now there’s just a wall full of anguish & grief.

What really happened to you & me.

Some how the road got dark & foggy & made it so that we could no longer see.

Somewhere down the road we lost the desire.

I let you take the wheel & you lost control.

Neither one of us had the strength to hold on.

I just wanted to get back what has always been mine.

Could you blame me for trying?

I don’t want us to miss out anymore & I don’t want time to pass us by;

I surely don’t want to be left questioning myself why didn’t we give this love another try.


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