Body Paint (poem-a-long)

Let me paint on your canvas,

Let my delectable acrylic ooze,

Shatter the blankness of this picture!

PICTURE!!! Picture the multiple ways I can make your milky way explode.

While this fine paint-brush flickers on the tip.

Watch as these watercolors drizzle!!

DRIZZLE and DRIP! As the softness of this sponge dips and dive into your creases.



Dinner for two, two limbs joined as one!

Come devour me, devour you….


14 thoughts on “Body Paint (poem-a-long)

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    1. Passion to paint words into masterpieces.
      My DNA is link back to Leonardo, Pablo, and Francisco.
      No wonder I was birth with the name Flenardo.
      From Heaven window, God yelled Freak.
      That’s why I became Freknardo
      Because I wanted to be different when I write.
      I wanted to shift people’s souls when I recite.
      Moonwalk through their minds like Mike.
      My love for poetry is deeper than the money you can pull out your pockets.
      I will never sell out but always show out.
      I’m okay if I never make it on TV.
      Because if I can make someone smile in the mist of their misery.
      Then that moment is priceless to me.
      My tongue is able to create brush strokes from never ending paint that runs from my throat.
      Everything I creates comes to life, bouncing off the paper.
      Full of energy, my dream words are now a part of their family.
      My poetry allows me to meet new friends, some of the most beautiful people across the world.
      Touch by their spirit, consumed by their thoughts, if we become close.
      It would be something like a Poetic Holy Ghost.
      Humble enough to never change, so if you ask me to write you a poem.
      It will always be outside the norm.
      This picture is perfect because regardless of one reality.
      Your imagination can make you become invincible and incredible.
      Regardless what the world see, you are the cage bird that Maya set free.
      Free to create, inspired to motivate because only normal people walk straight.
      I rather take the road less travel, follow the curves.
      I am a poet that loves to paint pictures with words.

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  1. paint over me…
    cover up who I used to be…
    a canvas tainted by memories…
    hands that touched this temple …unworthy…
    water color artistry…
    could only wet the surface of my conplexity…
    oil based…
    shared depictions …
    holding on to that old picture…
    to the value going up…
    because the paint that I’ve chosen to express myself…
    just ain’t enough…
    I ain’t…enough…
    and love…
    ain’t enough…
    This masterpiece…
    ain’t enough…
    to keep painting…
    so I leave it here…
    2 pictures…
    hanging …
    in this room…
    and I title it…
    The FOOL…
    who thought she could paint herself …
    Beautiful- DaTruth

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  2. War drums!

    I hope your ready to free thug love tripping over the colors of passionate times redrum!

    After I murder that pussy!


    Licked sucking on every vibration of pink….



    My drug and alcohol tolerance is High…

    The blue skys jumped inside your pillows and sheets…

    I left you shaking!

    In a fetal!

    Cradling your sweat gasping for more!

    Shaking, aching for that hard ass paint brush that spoiled ya!

    You can not handle or hold in this door nob!

    Inner thighs tapping out!

    Blacking out into a serine comatose!

    I pulled you back roughly!

    You tryed to!

    Run from me!

    Asking for more!

    Of that creamy colored white like wedding dresses dipping my carrot in 14k gold hold up!

    Wait a minute!

    Baby Im burning red so paint me some water!

    9 months later by racial son or daughter!






    Before her or him!

    Loving to adore my queen!

    Loving to adore my two tone many me!

    I sat on the porch of history!

    As the only Color of loves war paint!

    Four statues mentioning me in stone!

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