I never really admired back-pages,

however its the story of my life.

I turn a page, then go back.

They say I deserve better,

Better sometimes lack all the elements I tend to want back.

These back pages conceal my comforts,

Reveal all the mistakes I’ve written,

that I go back and spell check, grammatically correct!

Praying it will give me a retake,

Press rewind , soothe it over this time.

Back-pages is what holds me from a new chapter

Back-pages is the procrastination of me writing new books

Back-,pages keeps me living in old truths.

Back-pages remind me, remind me how IΒ  hate to love you,

Remind me of these hideous scars!!!

Remind me of how strong I have to be !!

Back-pages shatters the ideal fantasy I keep replaying that we are one big happy family!!!!

Displaying that fairy-tales don’t hold any truths.

Back-pages just holds me hostage in the could have’s, would have’s, should have’s

never allowing me to view,

view the potent future

Only review life’s bloopers

Back-pages, Back-pages, is a daily reminder how I need to shred these pages,

A reminder how IΒ need to ignite that fire; let these back-pages burn away,

Maybe IΒ can stop turning to go back to pages that are just a waste!!!!


2 thoughts on “BACK- PAGES

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  1. Backpages are the Tools of ones true choice. The knife that strikes the gloomy wet un experience clay. Hold them close let the backpages collect value like a Picasso or Da Vinci in the 20th century. Backpages are the wisdom that makes learning worthwhile. The cheat codes to progress within struggle of adversity, some people are born with frontpages but most are born with backpages. Some pages are written with blood and feathers so write and remember and analyze.

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