Condemned in Hell

It’s all in my peripheral,

Grazing my lustful desires to the surface,

Bombarding me with the fictitious memories that we once

knew as a bond,

What I craved more than life alone, the same very feeling

That made my core melt just from the thought of the security we

once held so sacred.

It’s all floating in the air,

The gas that’s choking and clogging my congested lungs,

From having any break through of detoxing the toxins that I inhaled so freely.

Toxins that made me so high to the point I was oblivious to the facts we

Couldn’t grow old and build up this picket fence that we bulldozed through hidden truths

And where our loyalties are placed.

The fabrications of my dreams left me gasping for the one thing that ever gave me life,

That respired purpose into my disoriented soul,

that also left me limped and decayed.



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