Once upon a time there was a carefree energetic, full of life me

Young , naive !

Easily fallen. Spells cast

Snow White blinded by sleep

Fallen fast !spun out of control in web filled with fabricated dreams

Manifest decaying seeds.

Only wanting to borrow love,

Borrowers are forever free.

Lost ! Perplex!

Borrowers see clearly

Eyes weep no sorrows,

Just only knows of the hearts they borrow,

Return when they are no longer needed.

Switch guides to their hearts freedom.

Never falling, but I fail.

Rapidly falling in spell you cast my love,

I’m dazed upon it,

4 of us, 2 only stands

small hands that never gotten to design sand castles,

where our kingdom awaits us.

I failed! I failed!

So fast you were out of my grip,

the spell cast I’m still under it waiting for your return my love.

I’m a borrower.

running!! sprinting!!

to your heart that expired when we fall out of love,

When this borrower became lost.


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