Silent Prayer

I said a silent prayer last night,

That I would be everything your heart desires,

That you never grow weary nor tired of the trials

We have ahead.

That you sprout eagle wings to soar higher than your aspirations

Have the stamina to travel to where your constellation resides.

I prayed for strength, strength that you may have to love me, love me even

When I hate, love me through all my mistakes, love me like I have amnesia to heartache

Love me unconditionally with a love that could never fold nor break.

You were made from a rare cloth that couldn’t be duplicated or destroyed.

I prayed that you would always be full and never void.

That I never become extinct in your life,

That I bring to you more blessings than strife.

Someday become your ideal wife that makes every breath you take a utopia.

I prayed a silent prayer last night, for you, for us.

That we somehow remain friends through this newly found love we have gained,

That we build bonds and tribes as strong as lions.

Become aware that family is business and our love will be the law that manifest that investment,

To allow us to create a foundation more durable than masons.

Acknowledge that we grow in unison and trust our vision will never be divided,

if so subtract our differences and add the positives then begin to multiply.

I prayed that I be the only satellite in your skies and the only beholder of eyes.

Most of all I prayed that we never end up on the wrong side of love,

throwing in our white flags, giving up with farewells.

Cause I’ve never been good at goodbyes or never see you agains,

I asked God that I would never lose my lover, better yet my best friend.



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