Cradled  in sorrow, I saw her eyes,

I saw her eyes watching as I was crumbling apart


Cradled up with a bucket of sorrows, I saw her stare,

I saw her stare pierce the darken hole in my chest,

Shining a light so illuminate that blinded any man.

Gave me the YES YOU CAN to my NO YOU CAN’T, NOT TODAY!

Crumble up in defeat, Those eyes,

Those eyes see purpose in me,

A life worth living through me!

The only half of me that matters,

The flesh of my flesh,

Where I found unconditional love within the sweetest of cries,

Where I found I need only you within the joyous  laughter.

Where I have only you within confused stares.

I found me within her cradled up defeating my sorrows!

Where she whispered “Mommy everything is gonna be ok!”

I replied “Yes! Baby they will!”


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