Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie that’s me, Clyde that’s he..
I clutch my pistol and his nine
He holsters the shotgun, centers it on my thigh.
When it comes to he, I’ll let that baby dessert eagle fly.
When it comes to me , hmm, you already know how he gets down.
Fast cars,flashing lights, never blink twice you may lose it all tonight.
I risk my life,
Bids, court cases, transporting money in and out of deposit cages.
On bended knees, sending my blessings so he makes it home safely.
He’s my 9 to 5, when he rides I ride, til death due us part , when he die I die.
No drugs involved, the sirens give me a different type of high,
Music on blast, ass on glass
in the backseat as the boys ride pass.
Gripping grain, swerving lanes, seat belt unfast, in the passenger side, cumming with 2 fingers up my frame, he call that candy paint
Never switching, when he needs me I’m always in right position,
Never missing or slipping , accelerating the transmission while his tongue tickles my ignition, now that’s oil dripping
Flip positions, d get on solid when I let that clip go, crank it back then reload.
Bonnie, I’m his rifle and his whip. Lawyer, counselor , and accountant, some may say we connect to the hip.
Give him dome after he pulls the trigger, escaping guilt.
Embedded him in my soul even if our demons take control, I’ll race him to hell, just to decorate our home.
Never known a passion much deeper than he
never knew a thug as intellectual as he
never knew he had a Bonnie til you seen me
Bonnie and Clyde
Cam gonna always go in overdrive for her G


One thought on “Bonnie & Clyde

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  1. “Bonnie and Clyde”

    Astrologically compatible.

    Battling like animals.

    Fuck bonnie and clyde!

    Were more like Micky and Mallory…

    Natural born killers that sleep.

    Choking throats on the same pillow…

    I wipped that ass back and fourth…

    No Willow…

    Smith and Wesson anti tank missile.

    Expensive killing sprees, bank robberys plus more.

    I’m the only one that can stop her.

    When she seems like she is going over board…

    I’m her life preserve…

    Both disturbing and dangerous…

    If I die today…

    She would slit both wrist.

    Just to see which hell I’m in.

    This lady gangsta is a heaven send.

    So crawl back to whatever hell you’ll be sent…

    I promise you….

    If you leave eny finger prints on my misses….

    I will hog tie you…

    Then shove this double Burrell up Uranus!


    Astrology figures are our middle names bitch…

    The bank clerk said…

    “And what’s your names?”

    We through on our mask and said….

    “I’m Rick James bitch!”

    All the pain in my baby’s heart.

    I hold like her waist line.

    And I quote……


    SHE’S MINE!!

    I’ll take her home….

    To bury this treasure back inside.

    Hopefully another jewel will pop out…

    She gone be crazy to…

    “Da da!”

    “let me hold the tool!”

    I’ll say…

    “baby girl…”

    “Always remember one rule…”

    “When you pull the trigger…”

    “You look em in the eyes to watch there souls lift soon…”

    Bonnie and Clyde in creation.

    Blooming insperation!

    Across each room…

    Of this earth…






    Our love is punk rock…

    Raging the art of the code of silence…

    She screams my name in syllables…

    Every time I hit it…

    Till her cheeks turn red…

    From behind!

    Just me and my bitch…

    Fuck you all and we out!


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