the horizon was meant for me to graze ever so closely.

Float into you, slide and glide my way back to you,

Racing the waves just to coincide,

Coexist in that mere second that we osculate, and you blossom my vision with pure beauty of sunsets.

Sunsets I’ve never confronted,

Constantly clashing to surpass the ocean showers,

To greet you to watch as you kiss the horizon ever so felicitously,

Identical to how you radiate the melanin in my skin,

And gaze at how graciously mother nature tucks you in ever so warm and tightly.

The horizon was meant for me to witness you,

The sun, illuminate the sky, even at night.



Add yours

  1. submitted myself in to your sunrise.

    Dark pink colored wet kisses on point.

    Over run your bath tub with dandelions.

    Rythmic oceanfront functions cum back and forth.

    On me…..

    Viewing a new triangle…

    I almost got lost in your Bermuda.

    Grazing on a splash of enchanting forests.



    just promise you’ll come home to me……

    For it….


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