Blossoming, Look at the beauty you are blossoming into!

Conquering the bitterness and hatred against you, while staying sweet as honey dews.

Just take a peek at how far you have gone, you’ve ventured a distance from home, yet you still have many miles to go on this journey filled road.

It’s not about where you’ve been, more than less about where you’re going.

Keep your eyes on the prize, humble your ego, keep your heart out of your pride, embrace your mistakes, cause baby you still have a multitude of growing.

Blossoming, you’re blossoming into your season,

Preparing yourself and the world for your divine purpose.

All the floods and fires you’ve had to bare was only to fuel your soul, give you a story that needs to be told.

Everything happens for a valuable purpose,

Like finding your worth when you feel worthless,

keeping faith and hope when you struggle planting your mustard seed,

giving love when there’s no love to receive, being shattered then trying to mend the scattered pieces,

seeing a vision only for you to dream about so vividly,

Gaining wisdom from life’s trails and tribulations,

realizing God will never put more weight on you than what you can handle nor bare.

Blossom, just glance with me! At the beautiful, creative, nurturing, outspoken, heartfelt woman we are becoming!

We have ventured ohh so many miles away from home, yet we have ohh so many more left to go.


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