Roam the World

Harmony Raquel,

sun rise that brighten my days with pineapple skies,

The song of my heart, the hope in everything will always be alright, the faith in my mustered seed.

My rose that grows in the cracks and crevasses of my rugged concrete.

The unconditional in my love, the one that taught me the true meaning of I L-O-V-E U!

Sacrificed the old me to give you a better you.

The go in my get, the hehehe’s and hahaha’s in my laughter,

The twinkle in my eyes, and the brightest northern star in my midnight skies.

My inhale, my exhale, my headache and favorite distraction, most amused attraction.

My premature baby, overgrown toddler made of pure gold,

HARMONY RAQUEL, my little everything and my everything is you!

I will roam the world just to be next to you!


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