He called me unique never calling me by my name, unleashed my tiger then tried to tame,

the pain it just wouldn’t wash away,

it only stayed and lingered longer and longer ,

the hunger he could taste

the heartache he wanted to fade,

I held on tight to it,

never knew it would become the ripple between him and me,

he decided to leave

I was never ok with just letting him be

the hate in my heart was steady hunting me,

Eating me from the inside out

I thought he could understand I was mentally in a drought. unique he called me giving me a new name

redirecting this new pain into lost,

trying to pay the cost that I forgot to pay,

reminding me to make the prayers I forgot to pray.

He was a friend I wanted to stay

However, he dipped out anyways.

he called me unique and made a tiger out of me.


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