Roam the World

Harmony Raquel, sun rise that brighten my days with pineapple skies, The song of my heart, the hope in everything will always be alright, the faith in my mustered seed. My rose that grows in the cracks and crevasses of my rugged concrete. The unconditional in my love, the one that taught me the true... Continue Reading →



Words, expressions, more than impressions, Sacrifice, no neglecting, Rejecting, time that bonds, bodies that build empires and dynasties. Manifesting greatness, sowing new seeds, Implanting life long legacies, Empowering imperfections, investing a lifetime in you and me Family, your family, my family, OUR FAMILY Building love, passion, and unity

No land

White fences, no land just bury me in sand. Cover up the poverty that has stricken my adobe, Increase the dividends that I lack, admire to hold. Grant me the estate the state keeps hidden, forbidden to my kind. Blind us and latch us down only to be left behind. Fraud our minds, with bibles... Continue Reading →


Mild contractions, Severe reactions, Squeeze, breathe, release The pressure increases, The torment becomes intense, Just so this canal an be cleansed, Cleanse the ovums that race time to chute to be fecundated. Purify the organs just compensate, Compensate miscarriage, lack of insemination, impregnation, Who cast this curse upon me, Boring such a torturous death, Ailing,wailing... Continue Reading →


Dive in! Cranium first! These seas frees, These ocean waves cave boulders, Dive in without the cares of the world, Let this tide wash away the dead weight upon your shoulders Anchor down uncertainty, Adrift into the now, Bathe in your ambition, Swaddle up in aspiration, Just don't drown! Drown into expectations, instant gratification. These... Continue Reading →


Blossoming, Look at the beauty you are blossoming into! Conquering the bitterness and hatred against you, while staying sweet as honey dews. Just take a peek at how far you have gone, you've ventured a distance from home, yet you still have many miles to go on this journey filled road. It's not about where... Continue Reading →

3 cells walls by Aureus

Me, myself, I the war of minds, bodies,and souls. Feel my worries, hear my cry and listen for understanding. Judge me not for these faces have seen snakes that walk with hearts fill with love all disguised as creative criticism. Hear my cry and listen for understanding. Listen to the words of million ideas gone... Continue Reading →


Inebriated, the inebriation keeps me from erasing the tracks that lead you back into my skeleton. Retracing, reversing back to the villainy you prowled upon me, preyed upon me as snakes do. Insane driven, the flashbacks in my head keeps trying to playback the of evidence. Deranged, unhinged my mind has become, My soul convulse... Continue Reading →

The mist

I come to be resurrected in the mist, Where warm sprinkles rinse my soul clean, Drain the flow of my despondency Embrace the waterfall of artificial rain pouring down Pouring down, raining down on the abyss of my weakened flesh Screeching out melodies of a rigid day, of a torturous past Bringing forefront giggles and... Continue Reading →

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