Time has flown by like doves in the wind.

Majestic and mysterious just as the myths of dolphins.

If  given the chance, I would rewind the hands of this old ticking clock just to reroute to a more pleasant destination.

I would recalculate the years and just live in the moments of mere milliseconds.

Enjoying the simplest of things such as:

my lungs contracting to capture the blissfulness of my breath being taken away,

or even the miracle of how my womb created an angel out this hell of an reality.

Time is just the illusion of all the life I’m wasting!

Watching these clocks count down every minute of my destiny!

When time is NOT promised!

Time is only here and now,

Here in the present to be presently aware of the greatness I manifest,

Now, more than ever I urgently need to exist in my purpose, build the universe around my aspirations!

Inspire to not only create energy that absorbs positivity,

Further more be a more positive inner me,

Conform tranquility into my daily norm,

Refocus my mind from cash ruling everything around me to becoming the monarch that my dynasty needs.

Time, why do I run this marathon chasing time awaiting, when time should be trying to catch up to me!?


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