How Could You



How could you pass up this smile?

How could you neglect this voice?

How could you be so selfish to not worry about this perfection?

How could you live with yourself to miss out on this joy?

How could you strain this small heart with such a humongous void?

How could you perceive this could ever be yours?

How could you expect to be bombarded with such sentimental information?

How could… how could you bypass the various opportunities to connect with something that’s a portion of you?



Here we go again another duet from me and Chris. I hope you all enjoy.


A duet by : Cam & Chris

My time is our time.
I want to play with my wine and eat you to.
Mid summer heat underneath what’s going to be underneath me or what’s on top.
Do you understand me?
I want every portion,every peace of sensitive lonely.
Places to meet my dominant.
Have you ever been tied up and swollen for more to endure?
Handcuffed by the cop, because I robbed his love.
Devoured it, allowed it to slowly shower the crevices of my forbidden.
Hiding the juices of my passion fruit up above his chin.
Leaving the scent of my estrogen,
So he can inhale me and take me in.
My only sin, I didn’t bless it before I let it slither gravitating in side my throttle.
I promise! I’ll only swallow.
Tunnel muscles get tighter like she was trying to milk a viper for venom.
Turn around again so I can give you my antidote.
Foreplay is over….
it’s time for 50 shades of cobra.
Moaning, pounding lightly controlling.
Name repeated over the bed sheets pulled off by painted nails…
while I keep your back arched like your shooting a bow and arrow.
Never bringing sorrow, but always leaves me frail.
Winter nights surrounded by warmth of your heat.
Flesh cover with nothing but plush snuggies.
Caramel and strawberry paints my lips,
melted chocolate utilized to decorate the silkiness of your erect.
Don’t agonize about vibrations of my inner thighs,
quivering from the massiveness that penetrated my core.
If I could wail for more…
My feminine leaked to assure you it can endure.
When high tides decease,
I reverse your boat back to open seas.
Sailing ,going against gravity’s will,
creating tsunamis to drown you in a ocean of ecstasy.
Soooo good to me, like sweet Florida oranges be.
We left the air time appetizing.
Over riding my hard drive, crashing my server
climaxing derailed by My ocean spray.
Leaving it  on you like You asked me to in satisfactory.
I came to work late finishing later.
Loving every minute of hard labor I put into this cradle.
Lay with me breathing hard in silence In each others privates..
still…. At the very tip of my horizon.
Appreciating the accomplishment honey dripped over
vanilla ice sprinkling into the drive in….
I’m yours…
And you’re mine.
All of that sweet nectar, felt so divine as it sticks to our bodies like glue.
Who ever knew that love could taste…
not to be wasted but cherish every drop.
Made time ceased and sprout multitude of orgasms
that re-winded the clock back to the very beginning,
never ending.
Delighted I indulge every time

Back To Reality (Continuation)

It was beautiful once, until I snap back into reality and realize what we have become. Daily we commit a betrayal to each other’s hearts. I would give it all up to travel back in time to that place where one simple kiss could erase all the sins we committed, but do I really want to give up my superman? Do I really want to lay the crumbles of my heart back on the table to see if we can make things, right? I could never hide my desire for superman because he saved me every chance I gave him, even though I kept returning to the danger. It thrilled me and whenever he was in town and you were away he would turn my lonely nights to midnight specials. A thrill that’s tantalizing to my spine and I tried to cut those tides for you somehow, I kept drowning. It was all I wanted that you could never give, even in elementary you never had enough of it. It was never about smiles and appearances, all that fades. I changed my world for you, I gave you my treasures to behold as your own, and all I asked for was time, like the time they sentenced you and forced you to give 5 years of your life up. All I asked was for you to dedicate 5 years to us and I would take care of the rest, however you rather me drown into time and space, but all that won’t matter when someone else takes your place.

Elementary Reflection

Maybe it’s juvenile to reminisce on such a past, and it kind of baffles me how vivid the images and sights seem to appear in my head as it spreads across my mental like a story line. Those big shiny brown eyes. The flutters are still there when I visualize the first time I fell in love with them. Before all the innocence left us and we were both guilty of being naive. The feeling is like getting the first bite of peach cobbler but the only difference is this was my first bite of you. The way you would bite your lip while you walk just to approach me made a me a little hypnotize, cause now I know how it taste to grip your lips ever so softly in between my teeth. My spider-man tangling me in his web of sweetness with no apologies. The unusual thing was I wasn’t that into you, however you were fishing in the pond and reeled me right in and captivated the sacred me that now I keep pure for only you. Being held in your arms were the best most blissful outer body experience I’ve experienced while getting pulled out of my trance from anxious teachers,  you managed to carry me to never-never land, cause somehow, I will never ever be more infatuated with no other human being. It’s weird cause you became my dosage of ecstasy that I’m not trying to escape. Fighting, scratching my way back just for one more hit. Just one more please, one more….





I despise how your pretty brown eyes could ever assimilate that I am beneath you.
The only way we could become this delusional to such conclusion is from the fantasy you have been placed in.
I grant you my graces, cause I’ve been to hell and back.
Been at my lowest, dining with peasants,
I thank God for granting me my sanity back.
You misinterpreted that I want a sequence to what you’ve gain.
Misread me thinking the recent knowledge of you discerns me to any pain.
Underestimating me of queen abilities, when my mind isn’t that shallow, throwing stones at me that I’ve already manage to swallow.
Pillow talking bout what jewels were discovered  between my legs.
Well let’s analyze and emphasize what lies in this head.
I turn agony into blissful pleasures, I elevate minds to shake realms  and break dimensions, and to any god fearing man I’m an exquisite gift.
I don’t subject myself to a queen, cause I’m a divine woman, a goddess manifested from the galaxies.
I’m an asset that’s more profitable than silver, platinum, and gold, I’m the mold of what genuine men prophetize their wife to be.
Humble yourself , cause dismantling my tranquility won’t suffocate the facts
Nothing you’ve gain has made me lack .
I stimulate the greatest of minds, orchestrate the sweetest of deaths, conquer and secure the bag all on my own.
I got work to do I don’t have time to adjust crowns and sit on thrones.
 Focus on empowering, inspiring, and transforming these words into one
of numerous checks,
Not about this dick that dick and who’s in who bed, next.
I find clarity detangling the wonders of my world.
Giving my little girl the means to travel abroad, to assure she is more
prominent than me.
Besides the strength she has given me to be the optimum of my capacity, my heart roams 3 hours away to it’s sacred place.
I see through your cloak you tried to disguise that truth  revealed crushed your pride and that’s why you tried to disarray my character and have me step out of line.
But you can’t mortify me over spilled milk.
You both are  just former masterpieces in my art gallery.
Trying to equate my virtue to how wet your litter box is,
when you need to get back, sit back,  and recognize
The artwork is NEVER substantial than the artistry.

Sacred Place

In luxury where tranquility and harmony correspond in unison,

where all vexations are obsolete.

In pure bliss, being deeply embedded into the clouds;

being swept away by subtle raindrops kissing the arches of my curves.

Where the sun reigns its rays upon these dark brown eyes and grants me grace to behold your gaze one last time.

Where butterflies find shelter in the lining of my stomach causing total gratitude.


The ones that cause the most damage are always the ones
who want to victimize.
Act like they’re sheep, their wolf is only in disguise.
Give motherfuckers a new chance at life , but want to turn around stab you with the knife.
Give out the speech on how loyalty goes ,
When you the motherfucker that’s buying shoes and clothes,
making miracles for our family to eat,
meanwhile nigga wanna politic in the streets.
Trying to conquer past demons ,they bringing more to demons to defeat.
Wanna express love, when I felt my own seed perish,
watch the blood and it’s tissue run down my caramel thighs.
I sheltered my own tears and 6 years later them same fears became reality again.
Only time I’ve felt alive is when I held that razor to my throat, before another seed die in me, it’s gonna be both our time to go.
Lecture me about best friend shit question me about engagement shit.
Til you’re force to be in these 6 1/2 don’t ever question me about the road I chose,
cause Lord knows if I knew better I would have chosen better, and
That razor would have ended us both.