You disappeared for 5 years
I shed 5 years worth of Tears
Cause i didn’t wanna lose myself in your existance.
Even though I loved you that love was still distant.
You’ve yet to forgive me…
Simply for living..
You’re caged up, locked down, trying to pass away the time.
I’m free trying to experience life as it comes.
Instead of understanding you want me to pass away my time and incarcerate my mind,
Like I don’t deserve to see what life has for me.
5 plus years I’ve given you patiently and without one complaint..
And you have yet to release me to my freedom with no confinement.


10 thoughts on “5 YEARS

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  1. Great… It is hard holding someone down for 5 years while being gone especially at young age … You got me wanting to write


    1. Thanks and it is…but the people that want you to wait don’t understand it they’re just like do it its easy when it’s hard as hell to put your life in hold


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