What Cant Be Found

Mentality mind blown, so far into the universe.

Spiritually unestablished, my spirit is somewhere floating in the atmosphere.

Isolated from the world. My serene place is deliberately being erupted.

My infuriation level is almost at its culmination. Fury building up deep inside.

Restraining the grievance of the disappointment that gash me deeply. So deep that it scald the core of my soul.

So deep that it makes me bleed tears of sorrow. physically I’m corrupted by my own flesh.

I’m abnormal from my species. I don’t have the courage to be the same.

A mystery to life & all of its aspects. Too incomprehensible to be understood, too astray to be found, a jigsaw puzzle to the planet, too perplexing to be revealed.

No human being can feel my anguish & see my hurt. No one can survive living in my thoughts.

Sanity is just present to the eye. But underneath it all a real lunatic lies beyond.

True enough that’s still out of your reach. No one is ready to figure out the true me!


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