So today I thought would be a good day to post poetry that I’ve made breakthroughs from. What I mean by breakthroughs is accomplishing sometime type of goal.I’ve always said I wanted to be publish and possibly publish my own works, like a book of some sort, but I’ve accomplish one goal getting published. I have had 1 short story and 2 poems published, the short story was published in an elementary contest and one poem through teen ink and the another through a high school contest so it reminds me that I can accomplish anything I set out to do so here is my first poem I have ever gotten published and I hope you enjoy it:


Blood dripping all over the place.
Dried tears on my face.
Razor on the bathroom floor.
I don’t feel any pain no more.
Looking around to see the damage I have done.
This time there was no place to run.
My passionate anger & hatred has found me.
I stop fighting through & just let those emotions flow & take over me.
They left me scarred up with busted blood veins.
All this frustration took me out of misery & pain.
Leaving me with this beautiful word always to remember.
When I saw my creation for the first time it looked nice & tender.
So now when you look down at my arm you’ll see.
All the pain, misery, hurt, deceiving, mistreating, abandonment you put me through.
If you really want to know who did this to me..
Just look in your mirror & you’ll see…
It was YOU!!!!!!


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