Another Lost Soul

My biggest consternation is that  one day I scramble across

A Facebook proclamation that states “R.I.P to you.”

That somehow what I’ve been hankering for you to apprehend doesn’t bring

 you to your proficiency,

and your beautiful latent potential keeps getting wasted with

spurious glamour of the street life.

My heart’s trepidation is that a child must scrutinize what she knows as daddy stale and cold,

Because he couldn’t exploit his adroitness,

meanwhile condolences from your bros will be another one gone too soon,

while not even giving a dime to your tithes.

A second incarceration that you’ll never get the time to deliberate where you went wrong.

Another imprisonment where you, have manage to permanently burn shot gun holes in the core of those that truly hold your best interest at heart.

Forcing my last thoughts to question why you couldn’t foresee ahead of time,

 Why you had to pursue your lethal reality.

My biggest phobia is that I can’t revive you and I’ll be the one bent over your casket whaling “WHY, WHY, WHY!”


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